A Philosophy on Discrimination


  • Maximilian Hawkins Medical Student


Discrimination, mindset


In response to the ongoing discussions of anti-Black racism, I thought about what I can do to help further discussions on Black Lives Matter. I’ve already seen many discussions about policy, and I’ve seen people discuss their own experiences, but I haven’t seen much discussion on how an individual has actually dealt with discrimination. I’m not talking about responding to say microaggressions but psychologically how to understand discrimination in a conceptual framework. That’s what my following reflection discusses: an individual mindset on how to deal with discrimination, since I wish I had learned more about that when I was younger. I don’t have a particularly unique mindset, but I do think this is an important aspect of discrimination that warrants critical thought. I want to preface my comments by saying that I would not change anything about my own experiences. I was very lucky to have great people around me my entire life and would not be where I am without those people or those experiences.

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