Learning Advocacy: A Youth's Perspective


  • Rachel S. Samuels High School Student


Youth, Activism, Social Justice, High School, Challenges


High school can be a difficult place to begin advocating for social justice...especially for a student. This article follows the struggles of one high school student in creating allies for social justice, and also in learning how to become an effective communicator in this work.

Author Biography

Rachel S. Samuels, High School Student

Rachel Samuels is currently in her first year at Stanford University. While attending Air Academy High School in Colorado Springs, she created the club, Social Action Youth (SAY) at the beginning of her sophomore year, and she is the President of the Gay-Straight Alliance (Spectrum). She has attended the White Privilege Conference since 2008, serving as a Student Leader for the Youth Action Project, and more recently as a Presenter in 2012.  She has also presented at the Pedagogy of Privilege Conference at the University of Denver (2011). In addition to participating in school activities and conferences, Rachel has been trained to be an advocate at TESSA, where she volunteers.



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